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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

Riders are advised to wear cycling or athletic attire during their ride. We do not rent cycling shoes, so please bring your own. Be advised that it is best if you can bring your own pedals. While we do have pedals available, we cannot always guarantee availability. We have a variety of energy bars and other performance foods available for purchase at our store. We can also provide water at your request.

What exactly does "one-day" rental mean?

Road rentals: Your rental period is 24 hours. For example, if you pick up your rental at 11 am on Monday, we anticipate it's return by 11 am on Tuesday.

Mountain Bike Rentals: Our Blue Diamond Outpost is open from 8am-4pm (7am-3pm May-September). Any bicycles rented must be returned on the same day, before closing time.

I only need the bike for a few hours, can I rent it for a half-day?

No, we only rent bicycles in 24-hour increments.

Do you give discounts for renting multiple days?

We do offer discounts on our standard road and hybrid rentals for renting multiple days. Please see our price schedule for more information. Please be advised that we do not rent our High-Performance or Mountain Bikes at multi-day rates.

Are reservations required?

No, reservations are not required. However, we strongly encourage you to make a reservation. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that we will have a bicycle available for you.

How do I know what size bicycle I ride?

Please refer to our bicycle sizing charts: Road   Hybrid/Mountain

I'm not sure what kind of pedals I use.

We have a limited availability of the following pedal systems:

Platform      Toe Cages      Look Keo      Look Delta Classic      Speedplay Zero      Speedplay Light Action    Speedplay X Series      Shimano SPD-SL      Shimano SPD-MTB      Crank Brothers EggBeaters

Can McGhie's deliver my rental to my hotel?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot make deliveries unless you have booked a guided tour. The only exception is if you are a guest at the Red Rock Hotel, which in that case, you must book your rental through the hotel concierge for delivery options. Delivery to the Red Rock Hotel will incur a $10 increase in the price of your rental.

Will I need to transport the bike in order to enjoy Las Vegas riding?

Not necessarily. While there are many great places to ride in Las Vegas, most of our rental guests ride from our store to Red Rock Canyon. The locally loved "Red Rock Loop" ride is approx 32 miles round trip from our parking lot, and features beautiful views of our Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Additionally, our Blue Diamond Outpost is located at the base of over 100 miles of singletrack riding in Cottonwood Valley. Simply pedal on over and start your adventure!

What kind of ride can I expect if I do the "Red Rock Loop" from your store?

We're glad you asked! Take a look at this information provided by one of our regular customers. View full Garmin ride report.

I haven't finalized my plans yet, do I have to pay for my rental in advance?

Yes. In order to reserve your road bike rental, you must fill out the reservation form and complete your payment on the following screen. Rentals can be canceled as late as 48 hours before your pickup date for a full refund.

I have questions about how to operate the bike.

No problem! Please feel free to ask any of our employees for help when you pick up your rental. We'll make sure you are comfortable and confident in operating our equipment.

What if I get a flat, or something happens?

Not to worry. All of our rentals come equipped with an emergency seat bag containing anything you may need to fix a flat, and a multi-tool that may be used for fine adjustments. If your bike becomes inoperable for any particular reason, please give us a call and we will make further arrangements.

Am I charged for using items in the seat bag, such as the spare tube?

No. Any items that need to be used during your rental period may be used free of charge. If you do use an item, please let us know. We would love to recycle the punctured tube, and it is very important that we replace it for our next guest.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Nevada does not have a helmet law, but we very strongly recommend that you wear a helmet at all times. We are happy to provide a helmet for you to use free of charge and encourage you to request one when you pick up your rental.